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Postgrey p0f patch

Postgrey is a Postfix policy server implementing greylisting. This patch adds p0f support to Postgrey based on from p0f, like the patch by Fedux. P0f is a fingerprint tool, to identify operating systems. The difference between Fedux’s patch and mine is that his patch requires p0f-analyzer. See the image below.


My patch uses p0f’s socket created with the ‘-Q’ option. Because Postgrey doesn’t know what the source port is of the sender, p0f must also be configured with the ‘-0’ option.

my patch

Example usage:

# p0f
p0f -u postgrey -Q /var/run/p0f-sock -0 -N -i eth0 'tcp dst port 25'

# postgrey options
--p0f --p0f-service=/var/run/p0f-sock --p0f-ip=<ip-of-eth0>

Postgrey version: 1.32

TorrentFlux quota patch

For downloading torrents I use TorrentFlux on a Debian Linux machine. All users on this system have a quota, so they don’t mess things up. TorrentFlux shows a storage bar on the main page with information about how much space is left on the device. Unfortunately it shows information about the complete partition, not about how much of your quota is left. This patch adds quota support and is backwards compatible.